Why You Should Update your Blog to WordPress 4.9

WordPress 4.9  is an improved Customizer workflow with design drafts, locking, scheduling, and preview links. What’s more, code syntax highlighting and error checking will make for a clean and smooth site building experience.

It was recently released to the public a lot of bloggers/site owners are yet to update their blogs, in this post I will like to point few benefit of updating your WordPress Fast.

wordpress 4.9

what unique about WordPress 4.9?

  1. WordPress 4.9 is designed to smooth your design workflow and keep you safe from coding errors.
  2. Enhancement and bug-fix.
  3. Great new Gallery widget and improvements to theme browsing and switching.

Other highlights of WordPress 4.9:

Collaborate with Design Preview Links
Need to get some feedback on proposed site design changes? WordPress 4.9 gives you a preview link you can send to your team and customers so that you can collect and integrate feedback before you schedule the changes to go live. Can we say collaboration++?
Design Locking To Guard Your Changes
Ever encounter a scenario where two designers walk into a project and designer A overrides designer B’s beautiful changes? WordPress 4.9’s design lock feature (similar to post locking) secures your draft design so that no one can make changes to it or erase all your hard work.
A Prompt to Protect Your Work
Were you lured away from your desk before you saved your new draft design? Fear not, when you return, WordPress 4.9 will politely ask whether or not you’d like to save your unsaved changes.

Coding Enhancements

Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking? Yes, Please!
You’ve got a display problem but can’t quite figure out exactly what went wrong in the CSS you lovingly wrote. With syntax highlighting and error checking for CSS editing and the Custom HTML widget introduced in WordPress 4.8.1, you’ll pinpoint coding errors quickly. Practically guaranteed to help you scan code more easily and suss out and fix code errors quickly.
Sandbox for Safety
The dreaded white screen. You’ll avoid it when working on themes and plugin code because WordPress 4.9 will warn you about saving an error. You’ll sleep better at night.
Warning, Potential Danger Ahead!
When you edit themes and plugins directly, WordPress 4.9 will politely warn you that this is a dangerous practice. It will recommend that you backup your files before saving, so they don’t get overwritten by the next update. Take the safe route: your future self will thank you. Your team and customers will thank you.

Even More Widget Updates

The New Gallery Widget
An incremental improvement to the media changes hatched in WordPress 4.8, you can now add a gallery via a widget. Yes!

The Finer Points

Singular capabilities for activating and deactivating individual plugins
The singular andactivate_plugin capabilitiesdeactivate_plugin are used along with the corresponding plugin name when determining whether or not a user can activate or deactivate an individual plugin.
Sandbox PHP file edits in both plugins and themes, without auto-deactivation when an error occurs

PHP edit that introduces a fatal error is rolled back with an opportunity then for the user to fix the error and attempt to re-save.
Addition of dirty state for widgets on the Administration Screen indicating

when a widget has been successfully saved and showing an “Are you sure?” dialog when attempting to leave without saving changes.

read more about the new WordPress 4.9 here

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