9 Side Hustle You can start In Benue Before 2018 Ends

You will agree with me that in this harsh economy, side hustle is way forward

In  this article, We will be going through a list of 9 side hustles (small businesses one can do alongside normal jobs) and you can decide which of them will be suitable for implementation depending on your passion or funds available

Here the side hustles:

1). Start a service business:

service business side hustle

What is fascinating about doing a service business is the ease it brings and it doesn’t take much to start. Just a well-crafted email or broadcast message to your contacts is enough to put you in the spotlight. Providing busy people with such services as article writing, virtual assistance, dinner catering, online marketing, etc.

2). Launch an online resource  a Side Hustle:

e-commerce website

Many Nigerians are cashing out big time by building a relevant online resource in an upscale industry and making it available to the public for a price. It could be an eBook, webinar, Bootcamp, video course, etc.

3). Side Hustle Runing a livestock farm:

side hustle with live stock

Nigeria is still very much an Agric-focused country so branching out to raise poultry or going into fisheries is a good one for side hustles. Much of the work only has to do with feeding the animals and ensuring they are in a good state of health until harvest.

4). Make people look beautiful:

side hustle

Everyone likes to look good, especially on weekends. If you are pretty good with makeup, pedicure, and manicure – your clients are waiting for you already. Know how to cut hair and make desired haircuts? Start spreading the word out.

5). Get paid to do what you love:

This is how a lot of business ventures have kicked off. The owner started it as a hobby, and it gradually gained traction then they decided to take things a notch higher. Could this be said of you too? There’s probably something you do for fun that you can monetize. Take an inventory of your so-called trivial activities. It could be that you’re giving your friends free business consulting. What if you turned it into a money spinner.

6). Computer/Phone Repairs:

side hustle
image: thepcguy

If you’re good at fixing things you could start a phone and computer repair service. We now live in a world where everyone owns at least a phone or a computer (or both). This automatically means that these items are prone to damage, so there is always demand for the service.   You could even offer a collection service to serve your customers a little better, and charge an extra N1,000 for the collection and return. If you get stuck with a certain problem, there are troubleshooting websites such as Youtube and

 7). Side Hustle Teaching Online

There is an online education platform called Udemy which basically enables anyone, anywhere to create an online course and sell it to anyone, anywhere in the world. For example, there is a Nigerian programmerwho sells his courses for £15 on Udemy, and so far, he has sold 5,399 courses. That’s right – Five thousand, three hundred and ninety-nine courses. I’ll leave you to do the math. But the site doesn’t only allow programming courses – you can create your own course around any topic at all, and you can also set your own tuition rate.

Skills required: Good knowledge of a subject, and the ability to teach

Resources required: Video recording equipment

8).  Side Hustle With Content Writing

Image credit: Aleksi Tappura, Unsplash

If you love writing, you can very easily offer a content writing side hustle. Most businesses online need copywriters, and there are ALWAYS jobs available if you know where to look. Join content writing groups on Facebook, and you will be kept very busy.

Skills/Resources required: Writing skills

9). Side hustle Sell services on Fiverr.

side hustle on fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people can buy all sorts of services starting from $5, as the name implies. But don’t be fooled by the name – many sellers routinely offer services for over $5, as $5 is just the starting point. The site accepts people from Nigeria, and there are so many people making thousands of dollars monthly on the website.  You can sell services such as logo design, article writing, marketing, research etc, and charge in US $. Withdrawing your earnings won’t be a problem, as there are lots of exchangers (usually business people in need of US $ in electronic form) on Nairaland who would be happy to exchange your funds for the prevailing rate.

This year is still a great time to be alive. We have the internet and social media – the two greatest inventions of all time in our age. What will you do? Sit down and manage your full-time job’s pay or expand your horizon with new income streams? The ball is in your court!

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My Name is Paul Ajonye AKA “PAJON” Academically am an Industrial Physicist (A Die Hard Tech Lover) , I Have an undying love for wealth creation and success, most importantly solution driven with the infinite passion to see people grow their businesses online/offline this is Exactly how I found myself become a Pro-Business Development Strategist (Tech approach) I have proficiency in the following areas; Sales & Marketing strategy for small business, Lead creation, Digital Marketing and Hospitality solutions (with over Six years Proven Practical Experience) that works.

I went into blogging in a quest to solve problems, provide useful information and show my proficiency to the world at large.


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