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quora guide 2018Quora is a simple question-and-answer site. Whatever your question, type it in the search box and, if there isn’t already an answer there, users will pile in an attempt to answer it. Information is organized more like Wikipedia than Google, with answers prioritized by how useful they are, but the site uses the Twitter-style following to track the best contributors.

If you are looking to build up your professional brand as an authority in your niche or industry, one great way to do so is to simply answer people’s questions. Even if you’re not the top expert on a particular topic, chances are you still know more than others. Quora is a great place to start. This question and answer network allows you to help others on any topic from Aardvark to Zumba. Learn how to get the most out Quora, from creating the perfect profile to submitting the best answers.

Why Quora?

Why should you check out Quora? Here are five great reasons:

  1. You can get exposure to Quora’s 1.5 million monthly visitors worldwide.
  2. You can demonstrate your expertise on almost any topic.
  3. You can get insights from experts in any industry.
  4. You can give direct answers to anyone asking about your business, products, or services.
  5. You can share content from other websites (including your own) in topic-focused boards on your profile.

Now that you know why you should join, let’s look at how to get the most out of Quora, starting with your profile.

Work on Your Quora Profile

Once you’ve signed up by connecting with Facebook or Twitter (or creating an account on by saying you don’t have Facebook or Twitter), your first task is to create your profile. There is no purpose of getting exposure by demonstrating your industry expertise if people go to your profile to learn more about you and there is nothing there.

To edit your profile, click on your name in the top menu bar. Then click on the Edit link to add your headline and profile content.

Be sure to include links in your profile to your main website or main social accounts. This should help lead to traffic back to your website.

Finding & Following Topics

Once your profile is ready, you will want to start finding topics to follow. To find topics, use the search box at the top and start typing in a keyword. Quora will give you instant suggestions based on what you enter.

How to use Quora

 Register. You can do this using your Facebook profile or Twitter profile.

 Start asking a question by typing in the search box at the top right. You’ll start seeing suggestions for questions that have already been asked (and possibly answered) begin to grow and change as your query continues. Want to know how making red wine differs from the process for white? Here you go.

 If you can add your own answer to an unanswered question, or improve on an already-answered one, do so by adding your own response.

 If you think an answer has been too highly or too lowly ranked, click it up or down. The best answers should, therefore, rise to the top.

 Start finding people to ‘follow’ by using Facebook and Twitter connections.

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