Online Payment Gateway: Top Nigeria Pay-Processor That works-2017 & beyond

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to online payment gateway and credit card  networks, almost everyone knows Visa, MasterCard, and verse.

What does online payment mean? ….

Online payment simply refers to payment done electronically. It is a system that involves the use of computer networks, internet, and digital data storage system to exchange monetary funds. When payments are made into your bank account via the internet, you have just received an online payment.

This review, however, is based on people review and recommendation like;

  • security
  • reliability
  • customer support

Hence blow are the carefully selected  online payment gate that currently works in Nigeria;

  1. VoguePay  Is a unique Online Payment Gateway (processor) whose vision is to offer buyers and sellers a secure and easy-to-use means of transacting business online. We combine local and international knowledge and apply this to keep you and your business connected with cutting-edge financial technology. Their executive and research teams are based in Canary Wharf London’s financial district with our development, operations, and professional services groups located in Lagos, Africa’s largest market. See our Team and Press sections to learn a little more about the VoguePay team and some of the impact we’ve been making.
  2. PayU. PayU is a secure, easy and convenient Online Payment Gateway for your customer to pay you. All you need is the customer’s email address or phone number to generate a payment request or payment link. Simply email or SMS the payment link to your customer and allow them to easily pay via card. PayU Receive can be viewed on the PayU Receive platform. The platform allows you to view all transactions and their status.
  3. GTPAYGTPAY is a one-stop, safe, secure and convenient web payment solution that enables merchants to receive payments from both local and international payment cards.


    • International Acceptance: GTPAY accepts both locally and internationally issued cards including Interswitch, MasterCard, and VISA.
    • Timely transaction processing: Merchants get value next day after the transaction takes place.
    • GTPAY monitoring log: GTPAY comes with a unique, online monitoring console that allows merchants view transactions as they occur.
    • Reduced sign-on fee: GTBank is a certified developer partner so we take on GTPAY integration for our merchants and as such the integration fee is waived for them.


    1.  eTranzact as a Switch processes payment requests from multiple channels – Web, ATM, POS, mobile, etc using automated procedures. The switching platform validates transaction requests after running security checks on the payment cards. The system ensures there are no security breaches during the transaction processing by encrypting all card information using triple-DES technology, thus protecting the card information. Our payment processing service helps organizations to: Reduce the administrative overhead of cheque printing and returned cheques
      Generate new Revenue streams
    2. Interswitch. Is an Africa-focused integrated digital payments and commerce company that facilitates the electronic circulation of money as well as the exchange of value between individuals and organizations on a timely and consistent basis.                                                                                                                                                                                         The company started operations in 2002 as a transaction switching and electronic payments processing company that builds and manages payment infrastructure as well as deliver innovative payment products and transactional services throughout the African continent. has a secure, reliable, and scalable platform for electronic transaction processing in a multi-institution, multi-functional, Online/Offline environment. We design, implement and support payment infrastructure that delivers the highest level of availability and transaction integrity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Their systems accept transactions from a diverse range of delivery payment channels, intelligently switching them to a variety of external networks.

Interswitch currently offers 3 Internet Payment options;

    • Paydirect – web with reporting,
    • Paydirect – web without reporting
    • Quickteller

Let discuss them………….

    • Paydirect-web (with reporting) Integrates directly unto your website and Interswitch will provide elaborate reporting (dependent on integration specifications and reporting requirements), to enable you to know who paid what, when, which bank it was paid into and what amount was paid online, real-time from anywhere in the world.
    • Paydirect – Web (without reporting) – Integrates directly unto your website enabling funds to be received into your account, but no elaborate reporting is provided. Paydirect – Web (without reporting) offers cash deposit information and is often the product of choice for medium and small businesses.
    • Quickteller (with generic reporting) – is an online payment gateway (platform) that works like a payment shop or supermarket, where you can make online payments for various products and services. You may communicate that your services are available at and/or decide to place a link on your website that redirects to quick-seller.                                                                                        com so your customers and clients can make payments using the platform.
    1. SimplePay.  an Online Payment Gateway that allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. Our network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global, real-time payment solution. We deliver a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms. Simple Pay’s service, which lets users send payments for free, can be used from PCs or web-enabled mobile phones.
    2. CashEnvoy. Is the safest, easiest and most convenient and Online Payment Gateway, send money and get paid online. It is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. A Cash Envoy account can be funded with Nigerian debit cards or through online bank transfer from specific local banks. performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users. It charges a transaction fee for receiving money (a percentage of the amount sent plus an additional fixed amount). Cash-Envoy is owned by Electronic Settlement Limited, an independent, private sector led, limited liability Company located in Lagos Nigeria focused on providing secure and convenient online solutions.
    3. UBA U-Collect. is an Online Payment Gateway service which allows Merchants accept online payments for goods and services. This solution accepts multiple card types available in Nigeria – VISA, Verve, MasterCard, and e-Tranzact. U-Collect on the web is the same as POS but on the web for businesses that have the presence online. An example of U-Collect is what you see on Aero page when you select to pay for an airline ticket online. The platform supports International VISA and MasterCard for selected industries.
    4. Zenith Bank. GlobalPay is a web-based online payment gateway that enables you to accept payments on your website from customers all over the world. With a one-time integration, you can receive payments from a wide variety of locally and internationally issued credit and debit cards. This solution gives your business a global outlook and vastly expands your potential customer base. If you’re open for business on the web, you might as well be open for business to the world, and for that, GlobalPay is the perfect solution.
    5. 2Checkout.(2CO). Is a unique online payment gateway that authorized re-seller for thousands of tangible or digital products and services. Established in 2000 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, 2CO provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to thousands of business customers around the world.                                                                    2CO’s proprietary technology supports back-office functions including financial reporting, tracking, fraud prevention, affiliate tracking, customer service and sales tracking. Recommended: Marketing for start-ups 

Since inception 2CO has maintained a steady and maintainable growth. The company’s approach is geared towards providing quality service to new and existing clients without feeling the need to expand at a rate that would sacrifice service to our clients.

    1. PayzaPayza is the leading global online payment gateway (platform) that specializes in e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses around the world. The e-wallet platform provides Payza members worldwide with convenient and flexible loading and withdrawal options, such as localized bank transfers, global bank wires, credit/debit card, checks, and prepaid cards, among others. The Payza online payment platform lets you send and receive money, shop, make online payments or get paid from almost anywhere in the world. Payza Payment system online is also known as E-wallet.                                                      Learn More:  How to Dominate Local Search

Payza online payment platform purchased the Alertpay system in 2012.

Payza offers its services in 197 countries and in 21 different currencies, including foreign exchange services, online payment international transfer, withdraw, receiving payments online personally or for business purpose, and more

    1. FirstPayLink. is a multi-platforms online payment gateway that integrates to merchant website that allows payment using InterSwitch, eTranzact, visa and MasterCard…


      • The solution provides a seamless flow for customers to navigate payment options, select preferred payments, confirm payment amounts and proceed to key in card details for authorization.
      • Allows payers select preferred payment options from a list of available payment processors.
      • Transfers users to the relevant payment processor (InterSwitch, eTranzact, Visa, etc) pages within a frame for entry of card and PIN information.
      • Provides on-screen payment success notifications.
      • Generates, displays, and emails payment receipts with unique reference numbers, to payers’ e-mail address.
      • It provides Merchant reports with flexibility for searching, based on predefined product and category criteria

FirstPayLink provides and powered by FirstBank


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