7 Ways to Market Your Beauty Salon Business in Makurdi

Do you have a beauty salon but you’re not getting the desire patronage for business…

Then! this article is for you or you want to reach more audience with your beauty business, look no further as I will be guiding you step by step with the proven way to market it.

Even if you plan to start up a new beauty salon business, this guide is resourceful.

…Salon business is very lucrative when done the right way especially when the current fashion trend in the state (slay queens and kings).

A huge number of people including myself enjoy the services once a week.

How to market you Beauty Salon Business  (Fast)

#1. Location

Location plays an important roll in this business because patronage for this kind of business comes in two ways

First.. from customers, you advertise your business to and secondly customer that walks-in on their own, so if you’re not in a visible area it is likely possible you don’t or have low patronage from walk-in. So get a very good an attractive location for your business.

#2. Keep Your Customer’s profile 

Keep your customer’s data is very vital for business growth, as this may be the only medium to reach for any promotional offers to your client, cold

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#3. Referal Program

When it comes to service-oriented business, the power of referral is something you can never underestimate, because, this is the smartest way to gain new customers, yet it is one of the least-used strategies in all but few industries.

A referral is a recommendation of a new customer by an existing one, often done without the knowledge or participation of the business.

#4. Strategic Partnership

I came across this few years ago when reading one Michael Williams book and it has become one of my favorite way of getting business done with minimal cost.

Find a business you admire or would like to emulate and approach them to form a strategic partnership. The business should not be a competitor and have a compatible product and service. E.g A beauty salon can approach a beauty retailer, give the retailer customers discount voucher for your salon service and the salon will in turns buy after-care products from the retailer for sale to clients.

#5. Advertising

Normally, advertising appears at the top of any list customer acquisition tools and, for this kind of business it may be important still.

You might be familiar with this concept, however, lemme offer some advice:

Be very clear on your target audience demographics (location, occupation age group, service usage ), Base on the characteristics of your audience and thier media consumption patterns, you can decide whether traditional advertising is best for your service and, if so which media is likely to be most effective.

#6. Public Relation

PR, also known as media relations these days, is highly effective in the beauty industry especially when credibility is a major concern for buyers.

#7. Open A Facebook fan page for your business

Facebook is very necessary for this kind of business because that is where your prospect mostly hang-out Creating an online video for advertising boast our potential as your prospective customer see you ability via the video ads.




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