Tips on How to Increase Your Twitter Following up to10k less Than Two Days

Twitter is one of the most useful social media for businesses, even here in Nigeria.

So at the end of this article, you will learn;

…how To Dramatically Increase Your Twitter Following super easy.

all you have to do is to keep reading and thank me later, the first tip we are going to be talking about can;

  • building the Twitter following from ground zero (even if you have no follower on twitter).
  • you can gain followership with zero tweets.

To increase your twitter following, you have to follow tips that I will be sharing in this article carefully.

The secret is what I have come to make easy and open to all that reads this article. You should always treat your twitter account like a short-term addiction instead of a slow and steady progression. You should make it your priority for a month or two to double down and create lots of contents.


…First Approach (Twitter following super-power),

1. Add Chrome extension  from google chrome browser as shown in the screenshot below, download the extension Here

increase your twitter following


2. Log into Twitter

Search any profile (preferably in your niche ) with big followers, following, search, list members, likes/retweets.

increase your twitter following

The buttons “Follow all” and “Unfollow all” should appear as shown above

3. Use one of the buttons to following all, the tool will automatically start doing the job.


Things to note about the extension;

It has the ability to follow up to 1000 people with a single click.

at every new two new thousand follows make, Twitter will suspend your account for ‘irregular activities’, all you need do is to change your password and wait for like 20mins run it over again.

by the time you have followed up to 5 thousand (5000) people at least two thousand would have followed you back.

…so here is the deal.

go back to the tool and click Unfollow all button the extension will unfollow everybody automatically leaving only those that followed you back.

interesting right?….

Boom you have gotten your self a whooping news 2k follower.

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The second Approach:

Studies have shown that the more you tweet, the more followers you are likely to have. Users that have written less than 1000 tweets typically have fewer than 100 followers while those with more than 10, 000 tweets have followers of between 1000-5000 followers.

That initial immersion is likely going to pay off in term of market research. You must always learn the type of contents that appeal to and engage your followers. You must get more comfortable with the medium and its quirks (hashtags, @replies, and more).

If you have a small business or brand, Twitter will actually help bring in new customers. By a very high margin of 64%, users are more likely to buy from brands and businesses that follow on twitter.

They also help grow your initial base of followers quickly and more easily. Here are some additional methods you can always try.

To help grow your initial base of followers quickly and easily, here are some additional methods you can try in Order to increase your twitter following.

Tips On How You Can Increase Your Twitter Following Fast

1. Make Use Of LinkedIn And Email Connections

You must be able to make use your LinkedIn and email connections. Chances are that you are going to be more likely followed by someone you already have a relationship with. I recommend that you find your LinkedIn connections on Twitter and following them. Twitter doesn’t have a way to do this technically, but we have found a workaround.


First, you have to go to your LinkedIn contacts page and select “setting”. From there you will have the option to export your contacts into a CSV file. This CSV file can then be uploaded to your email account contacts. From twitter, you will be able to import your email contacts which will include your LinkedIn connections, selecting which of them you want to follow.

2. Utilize A Timesaving Tool To Schedule Your Tweets

If you want to increase your twitter following, you must make use of a timesaving tool like HootSuite to schedule your tweets.

These time-saving tools are free or at worst, low-cost. It helps you schedule your tweets in advance so that you maintain a consistent flow of content while saving time. It’s certain that people who post content on a regular basis tend to see more engagement and followers.

3. Join A Twitter Chat Group

On weekly basis, groups within various industries get together on Twitter to talk about a particular topic. You will get the opportunity to meet new people in your sector, play the role of an industry insider, and learn valuable information by joining these chat groups and engaging with others. Some well-known chat groups include #Custserv, #blogchat, #HBRchat, and #mediachat.

4. You multitask

To increase your twitter following, you have to be able to multitask. This can be done especially during our spare time. For example, you can tweet while commuting to and from work on the bust. You can tweet while in the queue at your bank, at the gym and many other places that you can utilize the free time.

5. You Have To Respond To People Interested In Similar Content

You must try to always respond to people who are interested in similar content. Whenever you comment on, retweet, or favorite a twitter post, consider following users who are also engaged with the post. These users will never fail to notice that you share a similar interest in contents and therefore be more inclined to follow you.

6. Always Tweet Inspirational Quotes

You should know that quotes tend to see higher engagement on twitter because people enjoy reading them and sharing with others. Using the forismatic free app, you will receive a wide array of inspiring quotes that you can instantly post to twitter. This will unfailingly help you to increase engagement, as well as save time.

7. Follow Users That Follow Your Followers

Using a free and low-cost tool like Tweepi, you can scan the list of accounts that follow your own followers on Twitter.  There is the likelihood that they are likely to share similar interests, you may consider following them as well.

8. Follow Only The Accounts Recommended By Twitter

You should always follow only the accounts that are recommended by Twitter. When you go to the #Discover section of your dashboard, Twitter recommends who to follow your accounts.


That’s it, you have any question feel free to use the comment box.

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