Benue Hotels: Practical Ways to increase Hotel Revenue Fast

Did you desire to increase hotel revenue?

There’re over 350 hotels in Benue state

But the question is, how many of these hotels make money as such

to  at least keep up with the minimum standard of operation, over 80% of Hotels in Benue struggles financially,

most could not afford the wage bill at the end of the month while few enjoy the breeze of a full house, conferences and so on.

increase hotel revenue

But, the good news is:

You will learn the practical ways to boost your hotel revenue by over 200%

If you follow the guide I am about to share with you.

Today, operating a successful hotel can be a challenge. Management and staff need to be in sync when it comes to daily operations, cost controls, and customer service. It’s important to balance and control costs while working to increase revenues to remain profitable.

Bonus Lesson:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]You must agree with me that, Hotel Revenue is an architect of your business fortune and success. A hotel room is a perishable product since the number of hotel rooms is limited. As a result, customer satisfaction and pricing remain the most important dynamic variables, which are subject to Hotel Revenue Management.[/perfectpullquote]

Without wasting time:

The best Practical ways To increase Hotel Revenue Fast

Good Hotel Business is a function of:

1).Guest acquisition

2). Maintaining the existing  Guest


The three pillar that determines your hotel revenue which you will not learn in Busines School  are;

1). Acquire more guest

2). increase their average transaction value

3). Increase their transaction frequency


How do I Increase Hotel Revenue?

Increasing hotel revenue requires work. The success of your team’s efforts should be a measurable rise in occupancy rates, ADR and RevPAR. Your efforts need to target and attract single travelers, business travelers and increase group hotel bookings.

1). Keep employees happy and encourage them to be salesmen.

Your employees are your most important assets. It’s important to keep them happy and focused on your guests. Encourage your team to come up with ways to cut costs, increase revenues and maximize customer service. Reward them for their ideas and efforts.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Happy employees engage positively with guests.[/perfectpullquote]

2). Superior Customer Service:

superior customer service is defined as; exceeding customers expectation. Happy guests pay dividends. They will tell friends and family about their experience. The Internet has created a world of instant feedback, both positive and negative. An unhappy guest can come back to haunt you with negative reviews. Keep your guests happy by providing top of the line service.

3). Recognize Staff Performance and pay salaries when due:

These days to increase hotel revenue goes beyond good facilities, so it is very important to keep the hotel’s staff happy by paying salaries when due.

The reason behind this:

8 Hotel Social Media Marketing that Gets Result

i). because you want them to provide excellent services to your guests. By paying them fairly and recognizing their work, it will help them stay motivated. When your employees go above and beyond their duties, guests’ expectations will be fulfilled and exceeded; therefore, improving the reputation of your hotel.

ii). reduction in pilfering, when wages are on time staff stay motivated to focus on the job while providing good services but another way-round when they not paid on time the surviving instinct in them begins to spring up they look for best way possible to make out something for themselves either by inflating prices or stealing from sales.

4). Host special events and private functions. 

If you have space, you can increase group bookings by hosting business conferences, special events, reunions, family gatherings, and weddings. Special events like Lover’s Weekends, or Hot Tub Getaways during the winter months can fill rooms during normally slow seasons.

5). Work to increase point-of-sale revenue opportunities. 

Point of sales is a cool way to increase hotel revenue, Partnering with local vendors like:

  • car rental companies
  • restaurants
  • amusement parks and concert venues allow you to sell additional services to guests.

Use your front desk, gift shop or other areas to sell tickets, rent cars, or offer guests special discounts. Develop a line of hotel branded products like shampoo, soaps, t-shirts, robes or linens to sell to guests.

6). Increase hotel revenue by Direct Marketing to your guests!

Gather contact information including the guest’s email address. Social media networking sites can help keep you in contact with prior guests and engage with new potential clients.

Develop relationships, create special offers for returning guests, and create an email newsletter to keep your name “front of mind”.

7). Audit everything to Increase Hotel Revenue! 

Hotels can spend up to 50% of their operational budget on heating and cooling. Investing in a high-efficiency HVAC system can save thousands. Switching hallway lighting from incandescent to LED can save significant money on electricity costs. Audit everything, energy costs, technology, phone systems, and supplies for savings.

8). Encourage guest referrals!

Of course, this a huge way to increase hotel revenue because it is easier  a lot easier for a  customer to win you another customer than you can

Best Marketing Strategies for Hotels


Before this method can be achieved you need to have met or exceeded the guest expectation thereby by making them happy then,  Encourage happy guests to spread the word about their experience. Reward them with discounts for their next stay, free meals, or gift cards.

9). Make your hotel stand out from your competitors! 

Give guests a reason to choose you. You can differentiate your hotel using pricing, outstanding customer service, free entertainment by the pool, or a later checkout time. Be creative!

10). Cultivate Good Maintenance culture!

These day people pay for value gone are the days of lemme just manage and pay, the trend is evolving fast that any slight negative vibe about your facility advertises your competitions, especially room facilities.

so work on and put third-eye on your housekeeping.


Hotels staff contribute nearly 90%  to hotel success so keep them happy they will maintain your existing guest while your sales team work harder to acquire more customers and further increasing their transaction value by up-selling.

If you can follow al this guide do them correctly and in three 6months no result contact me to delete the post









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