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How to Start a Bakery Business in Nigeria Right Now

Aside from being an easy business to start in Nigeria, bakery business is a super lucrative business and the return is massive because of the rate of human consumption in this part of the country.

In this guide, I will show you a step by step process to start a bakery in Nigeria.

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Before we go on let have a QUICK check-list for bakery business in Nigeria.

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Four Check-list For Bakery Business In Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have a lot of bakery business across the nation. But, the question is how to make yours stand out.

1). Skill Acquisition- To start anything you need to acquire the knowledge to succeed. Like going to baking school, learn the basics and the various type of pastries this should be your starting point, you should start by baking for friends and family until you perfect it.

2). Creativity is key- creativity makes your designs stand out from the rest, so be extremely creative in everything you do.

3). Taste- do your best and make all production to taste much as good as they look

4). A Business Plan-Finally you need to have your damn business plan up because that shows you the road-map to success.

How Profitable is Bakery Business in Nigeria?

Bread is a street food, it is easy, cheap and accessible no matter where you are in Nigeria. It is the hungry man’s option and has been saving lives since its inception. In Lagos state alone, a million loaves of bread are consumed on a daily basis.

There is bread for everyone. Bread can be made in various ways such as slice, loaf, flavored as well as to help with the diet of people making it more appealing which leads to people purchasing more.

bakery business

How Competitive in Bakery Business

The business of bread making is a very competitive one. Supermart and stores like shop rite, spar and market square all have their own bakeries. Other bakeries like five loaves, high quality, Wilsons and bread era are also huge names in the business. Strive to make yours a successful and lasting business.

How To Start A Bakery Business In Nigeria 7 Steps

1. Source for capital 

The bakery business could be started on a micro or macro level. It could be started from your home or it can be started as a large commercial business, it all depends on the amount of money needed to start but with five hundred thousand nairas, you are good to begin.

The amount of money needed to start a bakery also depend on other factors such as location, type of tools and equipment needed, rent and other factors.

A proper feasibility study should be done to determine the cost of starting the business. Your location and marketing strategy could determine how well you do in the business, but basically, bread is a product that does not require a lot of work to sell because as we have said it is a product high in demand consumed by almost everyone.

The only worry one may have is competition, and that is why it is important to set yourself apart through good quality, pricing, and choices.

2. Register your Product with NAFDAC

Before really starting the business, it is important to register with NAFDAC and get the necessary approval to start the business such as NAFDAC.

This is to ensure that what you make and produce meets the required and relevant standard of health and safety. This helps to put your business on a good footing as consumers will feel much safer buying your product.

Also, find out if there are associations that you need to register with like a bakery or bread making body. There may be rules and regulations you may need to follow and meet before making an entry into the business

3. Get the Needed Bakery Skills 

Get the skill you need, learn to make all kind of bread. You must develop a passion for your business as a potential employee; your staff will look forward to you.

Your business is your child, take it seriously. Get all the information you need and implement them. This will help you know things go wrong, how to take corrective measures, preventing spoilage, creating new recipes and holding the centre of your business together above all.

4. Hire Qualified Staffs

Get qualified and experienced staff to avoid waste. Interns and volunteers may be allowed but qualified hands take the lead.

5. Choose a Good Location for your Bakery

Locate your bakery in the midst of people; an isolated area is a bad idea. Residential areas are perfect locations for bakeries. As in any business, location is key and important.

Although bread will sell anywhere, it is still important that you are located in an area that is well populated and close to raw materials.

The building or factory used should be well ventilated, clean and safe. To meet standards of the ministry of health and other regulatory bodies and most of all, to ensure that the populace is not open to food poisoning by consumption of rodent-infested and contaminated bread. If you do not have the luxury of choosing a site and have to start from home make sure you keep the place neat and tidy.

6. How to Package your bakery Products

I normally cringe at the sight of poorly packaged bread. The fact that there is an unending high demand for bread doesn’t mean you should take certain things for granted.

Ensure your loves are neatly packed in fine attracting bags. I encourage anyone willing to start a bakery to bake different types of bread.

Have your signature, unique or special recipe but make sure you meet the needs of the different caliber of people. Bread comes in various forms and shapes and sizes.

You could decide to produce slice bread, loaf, wheat and other types or if you have the capacity you can produce a mixture or different types. Bottom line is you make choice and create a niche for yourself that people will identify you with.

7. Equipment needed for a bakery  Business in Nigeria

To make the business go smoothly, it is important you purchase the right and good equipment for the business as this will go a long way in producing good quality products.

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Finally, on bakery Business Start-up

You will need the following equipment:

1). Slicing machine: Very important if you intend to produce sliced bread as it helps in slicing the bread.

2). Mixers: This is used to mix the flour and other items ready for baking, it could be local or electronic

3). Baking pans: This will be bought based on the size and specification of bread that is required.

4). Oven: This should be properly made and constructed so it does not collapse especially when used for commercial purposes.

5). Generating Plant: A bakery cannot function without electricity; the business of making bread is solely dependent on the power supply. It is risky and hilarious to rely on the epileptic power supply in Nigeria for a business.

Get a big generating plant to provide power at all times. One of the easiest ways to get these things is to order them from Top Wholesale Marketplace. Then get them shipped to Nigeria via Shoptomydoor or free delivery.

leave your comment if you want a recipe for bread, Meat pie, doughnut, cakes and croissant and I shall Make the available in the next post.

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