6 tips on how to boost your hotel revenue




6 tips on how to boost your hotel revenue

Today, operating a successful hotel can be a challenge. Management and staff need to be in sync when it comes to daily operations, cost controls, and customer service. It’s important to balance and control costs, while working to increase revenues to remain profitable.

The following 6 ideas can help you to increase sales and control costs:

  1. Keep employees happy and encourage them to be salesmen. 

    Your employees are your most important assets. It’s important to keep them happy and focused on your guests. Encourage your team to come up with ways to cut costs, increase revenues and maximize customer service. Reward them for their ideas and efforts. Happy employees engage positively with guests. To read more click here

    2. Pay attention to changes in guest habits

    A significant part of revenue management involves the use of historical data to make decisions in the present in relation to the future. However, historical data is not always entirely reliable.
    Over the years, it is likely that you will see changes in your customer database. These changes may include aspects such as average age, but they may also be more subtle. For example, you may notice a change in the way in which the average client reserves a room. To

    read more click more

    3. Speed up Your Hotel Website

    Slow site speeds can fracture your conversions rates. Research shows that up to 75% of people will leave for a competitor’s site to avoid dealing with delays.

    When you’re looking to boost loading speed, wading through the technicalities can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve got some hotel-specific advice you here (check out point 2). To read more click here

    4. Plan Ahead

    Booking patterns are subject to change dramatically in the coming years. While revenue management relies heavily on previous performance, it’s important to plan ahead to determine how seasonal and economic changes will affect the hotel industry.To  read more click here

    5. Kids Recreation centre

    Be it in business hotels or leisure ones, having a babysitter handy can work wonders to your guest experience. No matter how much one denies it, every parent has those days when they wish they could leave their children in safe hands for a few hours and just RELAX! Whether it is a working parent who might have to travel with their toddler, or a family that is travelling with kids- everyone needs their time out. This is where you get creative with your non-room revenue streams to increase hotel revenue. Have a kids’ activity center where parents can, without fear, leave their kids and spend time at the spa or go for a trek.To read more click here

    6. Offer something special

    Instead of cutting rates to incentivize guests to book, add value to the offer instead. This can be anything from special packages and promotions to simple policy changes that add convenience. Late checkout, free WiFi, or a complimentary breakfast are easy additions that mean a lot to your guests and make you stand out from the competition.To read more click here

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