6 Food You Shouldn’t Eat if You Want Flat Stomach.

Certain foods can cause bloating, which is going to make your belly look swollen. Diet plays an important role in determining the percentage of body fat. While exercise is important too. There are foods you should and should not consume when trying to get a flat stomach.

Here are some of the foods to eliminate from your diet.

1. Avoid fast food

Fast food is high in sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. Excessive sodium can cause your body to hold excess water weight, making it difficult to achieve a flat midsection.

A single fast food meal can provide you with more than 2,000 calories, and it is likely to have bad fat that can cause other health related complications.

Cutting down the intake of fast food might actually be one of the best ways to lose belly fat.

2. Alcohol beverages

Many studies have confirmed that alcoholic beverages can affect your health in different ways. They cause the accumulation of fats in the body, and this is mainly due to the fact that they give you calories and no other beneficial nutrients.

If you consume an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time, calories from alcohol are partially stored as belly fat.

Similarly, it is important to avoid foods that can have sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, lactitol and xylitol, mainly because these foods are fermented when they are in the digestive system and lead to bloating.

3. Sweets and soda

Both soda and sweets offer a low nutritional value and add a lot to the total calorie intake. In fact, it is quite disturbing to see so many people going eat soda or candy for lunch and dinner, and you should avoid making this mistake when you are worried about weight loss.

If you want to lose belly fat, the first thing you should eliminate are high-calorie, low-value foods. Excess sugar consumption may be the primary driver of excess fat in the belly and liver.

Soda is bad, not just because it gives you calories, but also because it makes you swallow air that can lead to a deformed belly. Therefore, you should avoid the soda as much as possible and choose healthier beverages, such as water or tea.

4. White bread

Most people like white bread because they find it a sweeter and cheaper alternative to brown bread. The body turns white bread into sugar quickly, and when it is absorbed into your system, it can increase the fat.

White bread can provide quick energy, but it offers almost no nutritional value.

5. Frozen foods (Ice cream, Pizzas, snack rolls, breakfast sandwiches, burritos, Cheese Ravioli with Meat Sauce, fried chicken dinners, etc)

It’s also a good idea to avoid frozen foods because these foods contain lots of salts, fats and preservatives that can make you gain weight quickly.

Frozen foods also contain a lot of sodium, which can lead to fluid retention and bloating. While frozen foods are not healthy, this does not apply to frozen fruits and vegetables.

6. Fruit juices

While fruit juices can provide you with beneficial nutrients, they also contain high levels of sugar. You have to limit your sugar consumption when your goal is to have a flat stomach

The body turns sugar into fat that will be stored in your midsection. Moreover, too many fruit juices can also result in a swollen stomach, which is another reason why you might want to avoid fruit juices in your diet.

Consume natural fruits and vegetables that are naturally high in sugar instead of fruit juices.

Foods to eat for a flat stomach

Cucumbers: Can help reduce and prevent bloating

Fish: Increase your intake of fish because it provides you with a good amount of protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Papaya: helps your gastrointestinal system break down difficult to digest foods, in turn preventing inflammation and belly bloat.

Apples: Including apples in your diet may help keep your belly bulge at bay.

Ginger, peppermint or chamomile tea: relax your GI muscles, easing digestion, helping your body dissolve gas and help reduce bloating, which can make your stomach look flatter

Oatmeal Both oats and oatmeal provide you with fiber, which is important for your digestive health.

Avocados: researchers found that people who regularly ate avocados had smaller waistlines than those who didn’t.

Bananas: Eating potassium-rich foods, such as bananas are going to help reduce water retention and prevent bloating.

Yogurt: Yogurt provides you with probiotics, which improve the number of good bacteria in your gut and prevent bloating.

Dark chocolate: Contains healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids that can help accelerate metabolism. Study found that adults who ate dark chocolate more frequently had less BMI than those who did not eat chocolate.

Berries: Antioxidants in berries help improve blood flow, which can help muscles contract more efficiently

Water: Getting rid of bloat means being well hydrated, so aim for at least 8 glasses of liquid each day.

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