15 Jobs You Can Do as a corp member in 2019

This post today is for Nysc Corp member you have interested in doing a side job to get more money to their bank account while serving the fatherland.

You Agree with me that:

Success is deliberate and it only happens to those who take action.

Trust me there is nothing better than you taking responsibility for your life as fast as you can. Did you believe in luck? believe me taking yes as an answer is a wrong thing to do, cause and effect should be the only thing you should always think of. The current allowance for NYSC Corp member as at the date of this post is N19,800, thou corpers were giving hope of an increase to 30,ooo+ as a result of the motion moved by the NLC ( Nigeria Labour Congress ), Hope in quote. smiles, you know what that means right?



This is one of the most popular means in which Corp member makes money asides from their federal allowance. Mind you, you can make as much as 50,000 a month. Almost everybody does this, so this is the more reason I am recommending this to you.

You can meet people around your house be it an individual or family, tell them your intentions if they can’t hire you definitely they can help you tell  friends and relatives. you can also hook up with the passing out Corp members to recommend you to the parents of their former students so you can continue from where they stop. Believe me it’s a very easy thing to do.


Dry cleaning or laundry is the cheapest service you can ever render as a corp member which comes with lots of ROI ( Return on investment ). people often shy away from this with the thought of it as a dirty service. I have a friend like that who was literally enjoying from his laundry business like a king back then in school. Most people think of him as OBO but believe when i tell you this guy is a confirm dry cleaner. you can start from where you live first Once you have a lot of customers, by which time you must have gathered sufficient capital, you may consider renting a space then.


Popcorn business has proved to be a remunerative business over the time because of the easy setup and vast market for it. The demand for popcorn is very high because it cut across all ages. The adult and the young eat it even the children eat it so the demand is always there. Cost of starting  popcorn business is so low that you can hardly spend half of your allowance, BOOM! and you are there.


supplying business had been a very lucrative job. To confirm this ask friends living in abuja. Food supply business fetches a lot of money. Get to the labour markets and see foods that are moving very well and start serving people this meal for money. You do not need a shop at first. All you need is a little startup capital, home utensils, and cooking items.


Buying and selling of products is also a job you can venture in as a corp member. you can conduct your survey among a workgroup. which goods are not available in your area, how can you re-package products to suit the taste of elites in your area, chuckles!. just start from somewhere. Get goods in neighboring towns, sell them in your area and record your profit. That is how it is done.


The internet rocks right now and there is much work you can do on the internet to make you money as a side hustle. There are jobs like content development, social media management, mini importation et al. Search online there are lots of them.CHECK! Besides, people often view these online jobs as a big deal, its so easy I cross my heart. All it takes is determination did i really need money to spend on my girls and all. it is not new we all like girls.


As an NYSC Youth Corp member, if you have baking skills, you could make a lot of money baking confectioneries like cakes, fish roll, and other sausages. Imagine, even if you have no skill at all you can easily learn on youtube, everything are there. You can start with little change especially puff-puff, LOL. Before you know it you already have a lot of returns and you can step up.


start a tailoring business!!!!. To do this, you need sewing machines which are not that expensive. With your savings and assistance from friends, relatives, you should be able to get one within a short time. To get jobs, interact and advertise your trade to people within your vicinity. Avoid unnecessary delay of people’s job, if you wish to go far in this business. Always be truthful and honest. Dishonesty and delay are some of the biggest challenges in this business which if you can deal with and be different will keep your clients customers coming back.


Yes, you can always write project for university and polytechnics student in their final years. Look around and find any university be it federal, private or states universities. Do you know you could make a whole lot of money from this? I bet u don’t. we all know there are Students who are lazy and always look out for people to clean up there dirt. so, work right up to them and whisper I am here.


Never underestimate a humble beginning. Yes you don’t own a land not to talk of building a house, yet you can make money from people houses. being an agent not necessarily mean you are the caretaker of the house. You can actually be a third party. Approach the caretaker if you can’t reach the landlord let him know your plans, deliberate how you are going to do it. you look for a tenant and you get a cut is that not amazing? Definitely, it is. we all know what is like to need something and you don’t have the balls to get them….MONEY!


You can make so much money if you venture into this field. You hardly lose in agricultural business unless you don’t do it well. So, if you are good at it and keep to the rules governing this business, you are bound to do very well in it. In all, you need the right tools and equipment to succeed in modern-day agriculture. Some examples of agricultural businesses you could venture into include, piggery, snail farming, livestock farming et al. In the plant agriculture, you could go into melon, maize, beans etc. these are products that you can harvest within a year. corpers in benue will enjoy this offer more I think.


You know you can actually make cool cash from barbing right? yes, you can. the beauty about this job is that you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in barbing. this is it, more than half of children do skodo, yes skodo tu-face style and almost all our fathers do it. so what are you waiting for even someone without hand can barb skin so tell me what are we saying. All I wanted from you is stand up, dust your scandals and approach this sets of people. So, as an expert you already know what it is you have ranges of selection to barb for. so kick start your money making and your time starts now!


Surprise? no don’t be. Did you know that as corp member you can actually walk into any company be it small business enterprises or medium business enterprise with your 7/7 explain to them you wanted to learn and willing to help them in growing there business voluntarily. Believe me they won’t know when they will start tipping you, but this is where your character set in. the way you dress is the way you will be address. if you are serious with what you are doing and you are really helping them with their dirty dishes they will surely serve you there meal, simple.


Please don’t laugh am so serious here, do you have any idea how much this guys make weekly? no you dont! had it been you do am very sure you won’t dare to laugh. we have some big boys and girls who thinks community development services are shitty whereas they are wrong. But then these is where the source of income lies. You pay for being absent, lateness, projects, welcome party, pop and all. tell me the cds leaders don’t have little naira in their back pocket. so, you get paid being a leader which can eventually add to your c.v. AMAZING! how can you do this? just be active and wait for their pop so u can jump right in.


Are you skilled with tools and good with handy works then this is a good time for you to monetize your skill while serving as a youth Corp member. like a friend of mine he made money from installing DStv, GOtv, flat screen etc. and all this have been fetching him a good sum of money. At times he do installations within 2 hours and he bill 3k to 5k per installation. Isn’t that cool. Yours might be different it might be plumbing work, it might be the building of shoes or building of bags just name it. So far you can do it. The thing is, you might not be called every day to come and work. But once you’ve seen a contract even once in a week. it’s still cool.

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