11 Signs That He Sees You As His Future Wife

11 Signs That He Sees You As His Future Wife

The world of relationship is really complicated. With deceits and heartbreaks everywhere. it is difficult to distinguish genuine guys from those that are only there for the “cookies”.

It’s natural for ladies not to take their some guys serious due to past experience. You can’t actually blame them for this. Not after they have been betrayed and taken for granted.

Relationships should have a direction. Ordinarily, it ought to lead to marriage.


11 Signs That He Sees You As His Future Wife

#1. He Always Includes You In His Future When He Talks About It

When a man always use the word “we” whenever he discuss the future, that means the relationship is going to the next level.

When a man sees you as his future wife, he always use we when he discuss the future. He will say things like; our children will be beautiful, we will go on vacation in Dubai for our honeymoon.

Whenever your boo start saying things like the aforementioned, it is one of the signs that he sees you as his future wife. People like these take them very serious.

However, when he doesn’t have future plan for the relationship, the case is different. You will be hearing statements like “I will treat my wife like queen” or “the man that will marry you will be very lucky.

This is a red alert that he is in the relationship for the cookies nothing more.

#2. He Is Passionate About Marriage

There are several boyfriends out there. But we have a very few potential husbands. Most of the boys out there are basically “eat and run” experts looking for flings.

So, try to bring up marriage conversation and see his idea about marriage. If he admits that he likes to settle down soon, then it is one of the signs that he sees you as his wife.

Again, you must be smart and detect if he is  really passionate about marriage as he claims. Some guys can make you feel as if they are ready for marriage. Once you lose your guard, they will chop and run.

#3. He Doesn’t Feel Disgusted When Someone Ask Him “When Is He Tying The Knot”?

Ordinarily, your man shouldn’t feel awkward when asked about his plan for the relationship.

However, once your shy away from this question, then he doesn’t have future plans for the relationship.

#4. When He Introduces You To His Family

There is no way a guy who wants to fling you will introduce you to his family. However, once he introduces you with his family and comfortable with your closeness with them, just know he has future plans for the relationship.

Really, it is a big deal for a guy you have been dating for a while to introduce you to his family. If you boyfriend is not comfortable with you meeting his family, just know that you are another object on his list.

In the words of Chris rock “Ladies if you are dating a man for over three months without meeting his friend or family member, you are not his girlfriend.

#5. He Is Concerned About Your Goals

When your boyfriend is concerned about your goal in life, it is one of the signs that he sees you as his future wife. He will always be concerned about your personal development and career growth.

However, the one that are just passing by will never ask. Even when you try to tell them about your dream; they will pay little or no attention. This is a red alert that such guys are only with you because they are enjoying the cookies while it lasts.

#6. He Is Already Acting Like Your Husband

Its natural for guys to be manly. However, when he starts treating you like is own, that means the relationship is going to the next level. In other words, he always makes you feel comfortable when you are together.

#7. He Always Makes Out Time For You

Ordinarily, you should be a top priority on your boyfriend’s list. No matter how busy he is, he must be able to create time for you. After all, nobody is truly busy, its all about priority.

#8. He Always Listens To You

Having a guy that listens to you is a rare gift to find. In fact, when your guy does this, it is a sign that he sees you as his future wife.

When your boyfriend listens to you, it makes you feel important. Guys that listen will always go extra miles to make you happy. This is because they see you as the epicenter of their life.

#9. He Didn’t Make Move Of Having Sex With You The First Time You Visit

It is a sign of discipline for a guy not to make move on a lady when she visits the first day. This is a very clear indication that he needs more than just relationship.

However, the “Yoruba Demons” will gladly eat from the cookies jar the first day you visit their house. Guys like these are only interested in what is beneath your pants.

We sometimes complain that guys are players. In reality, there are several signs to know that a guy just want to sneak into your pants. But we often ignore them, hoping things will be better. Only to wake up to the reality of heart break.

#10. He Always Use The State “When We Finally Get Married”

A guy who doesn’t want to take the relationship to the next level is very careful of what he says and how he responds to your marriage fantasies.

It is only a heartless guy who will openly promise a lady marriage and disappoint her afterwards. However, those with iota of conscience will want to stay clear of marriage related topics.

They just want to enjoy the taste of the cookie while it last. So, when your guy always uses the statement “when we finally get married”, it is one of the signs that he sees you as his future wife.

For those who just want to pass by, they will ignore you whenever you discuss marriage related topics. Even if they want to respond, they will say “I don’t know why marriage is over-hyped” or “I don’t even believe in marriage, why bothering me with all these talks.

#11. He Always Allows You To Fantasize About Your Wedding

When your boyfriend intends to take the relationship to the next level, he will always smile whenever you fantasize about your wedding.

In fact, when he doesn’t freak out whenever you discuss the kind of clothes to wear, location for the wedding and the type of menu to serve, then you are dating a serious guy.

These are our 11 tips on the signs that he sees you as his future wife.

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11 Signs That He Sees You As His Future Wife

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